Why International Students Love to Study In United States

Education is an essential factor in our lives now. For a good career in any field of life, you need to acquire a good knowledge from a renowned institution. Most of the parents are willing to educate their children in the best possible for their better future. Moreover, education is a significant factor in the progress of a country as a nation becomes more stable, more mature and more responsible with the acquisition of knowledge.

Countries with Education

Students Working

For getting the education, many people leave their countries and go abroad to study there to make a bright future. Countries like Germany, United States, United Kingdom, and France receive thousands of international students.

Sr. No Country Cities in QS Ranking
1 United Kingdom London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Glasgow, Coventry, Nottingham, Birmingham, Aberdeen, New Castle Upon Tyne, Brighton,
2 United States Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Baltimore, Houston, Miami
3 Canada Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec
4 Germany Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart
5 France Paris, Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse

The number of International Students Studying In United States:

The number of International Students Studying In United States

A list regarding the number of international students where from coming to enroll their self in American institutes for education.

Sr. No. Country Name Number Of Students
1 China 350,755
2 India 186,267
3 South Korea 58,663
4 Saudi Arabia 52,611
5 Canada 27,065
6 Vietnam 22,438
7 Taiwan 21,516
8 Japan 18,780
9 Mexico 16,835
10 Brazil 13,089
11 Iran 12,643
12 Nigeria 11,710
13 Nepal 11607
14 United Kingdom 11,489
15 Turkey 10,586
16 Germany 10,169
17 Kuwait 9,825
18 France 8,814
19 Indonesia 8,776
20 Venezuela 8,540
21 Malaysia 8,247
22 Colombia 7,985
23 Hong Kong 7,547
24 Spain 7,164
25 Bangladesh 7,143

Education In The United States:

Super power America is a politically and economically stable country of the world. Public Education in the United States is funded by the state as it is paid from federal and state property taxes. As per a study conducted by the US National Center for Education, more than 70 percent of the total students further pursue their careers in their fields and attend high schools. Eight universities of the top 10 universities of the world are located in the United States.

About 4.6 million students head to other countries to get an education in the Universities, and approximately 1.1 million of them head towards the United States, making it the receiver of the most significant number of international students in the world. New York, California, and Texas are the states that receive the most amount of immigrant students. New York received 118,000, California received 157,000, and 85,000 students came to Texas as per the statistics of 2016/17.

Following are some significant reasons why people choose the US for their education:

Excellent Academic System:

International Students

The education system of the country is quite perfect. It is the home of several universities and colleges that are recognized worldwide. The US boasts to have ten times more campuses than any other country across the world. The educational institutes focus every field. Adding to that the students also get a chance to work with some excellent companies for research and development. They get a chance to perform research in any field as the companies offer research assistance to the pupil.

All Varieties of Education:

As there are thousands of institutes in the country, the system of academics is quite wide. This provides students with several options about which field they want to choose. Some universities focus more on broad educational principles, and some lay more stress on practical approach and employment skills. There are others that specialize in arts, technical and social studies. That is why there are so many options that a student can choose from a broad variety of programs. Adding to that the degrees are recognized throughout the world. So the students can expect a good career.

Technological Innovations:

The technology and Information technology industry is booming these days. It is one of the top-grossing fields in the world. The United States is one those countries where technology is quite mainstream. That allows the students to carry out their research in any field with the help of latest gadgets and machines. Even if their field isn’t related to sciences or engineering, they get the opportunity to learn how to use the newest technology. Adding to that, this also allows the pupil to stay connected to their teachers, researchers and other experts of the specific field.


The system of education over here is quite flexible as it provides you with several options of courses and fields you want to focus on. The restrictions here are quite less, and they allow you to research and study the courses you like. Same is the case with research as the system gives you the freedom to perform your research as per your taste. This helps the students in many ways. That is because some students are quite good with some subjects while others have a hard time studying these courses. The flexibility empowers and supports the pupil in many ways.

Support and Services for Students:

Most of the universities and colleges in the US have a particular office at the campus for the guidance of international students. Many pupils come to the United States from different cultures and traditions. They have a hard time settling in the environment. So these institutes have an international student office which helps the foreign pupil and assists them in several ways.

When you arrive in the US, you are invited to an orientation program which guides you that you can contact the office for any assistance. The management over there can help you with a wide variety of things including your visa status and other things. Upon graduation, the institutes help you in finding a job for your successful career.

Research Opportunities:

Research is one of the significant terms of education. Through it, you learn new things. It allows you to use your innovative ideas to discover and invent things. The education system of the United States gives freedom of research to the students. Adding to that they also finance your studies through sponsorship with companies. This openness in research helps the students to bring innovations.

Life At Campus:

As you choose the US for higher education, you don’t only get wide educational and career options, but you also get a chance to broaden your cultural experiences. Whether you study at a private institute in a small town or you study at the university located in the middle of the city, you get to see the variety of cultures. This helps broaden your mind. Adding to that, you get a chance to get immersed into the modern US culture. So the US does not only provide you with excellent academic opportunities, but it also enhances your social abilities through the cultural mix.

Education Expenditures of International Students:

As per the studies of year 2016,17, about two third of the total immigrant students paid for their education in the United States themselves. 60% of those relied on their family to finance them and the foreign government funded for the rest of the 6% of students. The rest 34% financed their education either by working in the United States or the government of US-funded for their education.

International Students Count in United States

As of the facts and figures of 2016-17, California, New York and Texas were the most popular location for the foreign pupils. 15% of the total international students are getting the education in California. The city hosts 24% of the immigrant population.

State International Students Immigrant Population
Count Share of US Total (%) Count Share of US Total (%)
United States 1,079,000 100.0 43,739,300 100.0
California 157,000 14.5 10,677,700 24.4
New York 118,000 11.0 4,536,100 10.4
Texas 85,000 7.9 4,729,900 10.8
Massachusetts 63,000 5.8 1,123,500 2.6
Illinois 52,000 4.8 1,178,500 4.1
Pennsylvania 51,000 4.7 870,000 2.0
Florida 46,000 4.2 4,236,500 9.7
Ohio 39,000 3.6 513,600 1.2
Michigan 34,000 3.2 662,300 1.5
Indiana 31,000 2.8 349,200 0.8
Other States 403,000 37.3 14,255,700 32.6

Some of the locations have a significant share of hosting the international students and the immigrants. California and New York have the most number having 157,000 and 118,000 pupils from other countries all across the world. The best institutes here include New York University, University of Southern California, Columbia University, Northeastern University- Boston and some other well-known institutes.

The top three fields that most of the people choose here include Engineering, business management, and computer sciences.

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