States of USA That Spend Most On Christmas Every Year

Christmas is one of the most joyful and essential festivals of the Christian community all over the world, which is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. The United States of America is one of the Christian majority countries which celebrates this holiday festival in the same enthusiastic manner as any other Christian country.
Christmas is one of the billion dollar industry in united states, country and people of that country spends money on get-together parties, gifts, decorations, and foods.
If we talk about spending on Christmas in the USA we should consider fact and figure under the limelight, Christmas was the 717.45 billion industry in 2017, which is expecting to increase in upcoming years.

States of USA That Spend most On Christmas Every Year

But if we discuss separately which states of US spend most on Xmas it highly depends on “Average Amount Spent on Gifts by States,” on this basis all states of United States categorize in four ways:

States spends less than 100$

Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, new jersey.

States spends between 100$ and 500$

Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida.

States that spend between 500$ and 1000$

Montana, Idaho, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia.

States that spend more than 1000$

But here we are concern those states which spend most; there are eight prominent states that spend more than all remaining states which spend more than 1000$, which are the following:

  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah


Arkansas is the state in the southern region of the United States and has a population of 3 million. Household income of Arkansas is 41,995$, and per capita income is about 22,883$. Arkansas is the state that spends most on Christmas. People celebrate their festival in full warmth and cherish way. Spirit of celebrating Xmas is very high in these states, and people spend the whole festival with their family, and they buy a gift for family and friends.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

There are many attractive and ideal places in the states to celebrates Xmas

Little rocks are one the largest city in Arkansas as people here celebrate Xmas on a large scale.

Eureka spring is another best place in the states to celebrate Xmas; town creates a perfect Victorian village feels.

Fort Smith is one of the unique places that kick of Christmas parade in a unique way.

Bentonville is another perfect and unique place for a celebration. Everywhere you go in town; you find trees, lights, garland and Walmart museum host caroling events throughout the season.


California is the state that is located in the Pacific region of the United States, with a population of 39.5 million. It is the most populous state of the US and third largest by area. Household income of sates is 64,500$, and per capita income is 30,441$. California comes in that state that spends most on Christmas.

States of USA That Spend most On Christmas Every Year

It is the wealthiest state of the US, so the Xmas spirit in people of the state is very high; they spend money with the open heart. On Xmas day most families spend their time in the park with family or in entertainment joins.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

California has some best places for the celebration

Los Angeles, no doubt is one of the best places in the whole states for any Its celebration. Colors, vibes, and lights of that city make it unique than other, great place to hang out with friends, enjoy the Xmas music concert and event of an ice skate.

San Diego in this place you can skate overlooking the beach and ocean at the famous Hotel Del Coronado. It is very California Christmas kind of things to do to combine the beach with skating.


Nevada is the state in the western United States. It is the 34th most populous states in the country. Household income of Nevada is 52,431$, and per capita income is 25,773$. Nevada is ranked at 6th best Xmas spirit in the country. People spend more than 1000$ average buying gift for their family and friends. During Xmas, people spend most of their time in major cities to make their moments memorable.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

Las Vegas the bright city looks more visible during Christmas. The city that never sleeps puts on the quite light show. The attraction for holidays in Las Vegas is very plentiful including many shows cowboy Xmas rodeo at loss Vegas convention center.
Carson City is another best place in Nevada that celebrate Xmas whole winter. Tree lightening ceremony holds every week during winter that points out Carson City in a unique way.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is northeastern states of US. Household income is 70,303$, and per capita income is 34,691$. This particular state of the US is unique and above all, if we talk about Xmas celebration. People of New Hampshire decorated their houses, streets, and markets. People spend most of their time with family exchange gift with each other, especially with their relatives and close friends.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

Most spending states on Christmas

Like other states New Hampshire has some best places for Xmas celebration:

Portsmouth the seaport city host new Hampshire vintage Xmas celebration, city, is involved in celebration throughout the month, which includes tree lightening, holiday parades.

Concord, is the capital of New Hampshire closes off its countdown streets for its annual Xmas parade.

Another reason of attraction for Concord is its midnight merriment, which commences in the early evening goes on until midnight.

Canterbury is the small city of state host Christmas celebration at the Canterbury shake village. The attractive way of celebration in that small town that they recreate 19th-century celebration with ornaments, handcraft of Christmas card, gingerbread cookie decorating and many other activities.

New York

New York is the northeastern state of US. Its population about 19.85 million. It is 4th populous states in the US.
It’s household income is 60,850$, and per capita income is 33,095$. It is among most spend states on Christmas. Although New York is most expenses states to live as compared other, but people of New York spend with generosity on Xmas. They start their preparation for celebration before one month. And they save some extra income whole year to celebrate Xmas with full momentum.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

The state has some essential places for celebration:

New York City, is the most popular city in America and the best city for the celebration of Christmas. And the central park is a joyful place for Xmas.

South Carolina

South Carolina is the southeastern state of US. On its north, it’s North Carolina, and on the south, it’s the Atlantic Ocean. It’s household income is 47,238$, and it’s per capita income is 24,596$.

South Carolina celebrate Xmas in the same way as new Hampshire they decorated their houses, streets, markets and spend the whole day with family and exchange gifts with their relatives.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

South Carolina has some stunning locations for Christmas celebration:

Myrtle Beach is one of the best places for Christmas celebration. Although it is famous for summer beach but has the same scope for Xmas celebration.

Greenwood is a small town in South Carolina but has good scope for Christmas celebration.

Places like Anderson, Spartanburg, rock hills are stunning venues for Xmas celebration in whole South Carolina.


Most spending states on Christmas

Texas is the 2nd largest state in the US both area and population wise; geographically it is located south central region. Its household income is 55,653$, and it’s per capita income is 27,125$. Texas is marked in the category of most spend on the Christmas state of US. People of Texas exchange sweets and gift with each other and decorate their houses with lights. Families spend an exorbitant amount to ensure that their homes and neighborhood cover by lights with different colors.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

Here are some places for celebration:

Grapevine you can say grapevine is Xmas capital of Texas. You should visit grapevine during December and January to celebrate multiple bundles of events.

Wimberley is known for shopping and outdoor and also a famous Xmas town. While visiting Wimberley everyone should experience the lights of Emily Ann theatre this magical display feature thousands of lights that span eight acres.
San Antonio, Richmond, Jefferson are some places for Xmas celebration in Texas.


Utah is stated on the western side of the United States of America. It is 13th largest by area and 31st populous in the US. Utah household income is 62,912$, and per capita income is 24,877$.
Utah is 3rd Xmas spirit state of US and comes in the domain of most spend state on Christmas.
Living cost in Utah is very cheap, so people of Utah spend more money on Christmas celebration. Exchange of gift is very common in Utah on Xmas occasion.

Best places for Christmas celebration:

Here are some places in Utah for Xmas celebration:

Salt Lake City is the city which has a long Christmas celebration. Temple Square is one of the iconic places to visit and to experience Xmas light.
St. George is one of the stunning and must visit places in southern Utah. Red rocks cliffs, warm temperature desert point out St. George in a unique way.
Moab, Heber City, Provo, and Ogden are best places in Utah for Christmas celebration.

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