Statistics Regarding Road Accidents and Fatalities

Countries with most fatalities

In the world, there are some countries where traffic rules are quite strict, and people have to follow the laws and regulations of traffic. Some states have a robust system of imposing fines on the individuals that violate traffic rules but on the other hand there are also some countries where there is not much of an organized system to maintain and organize the system of and to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, and in these countries, many traffic accidents happen every day and many people get injured, and some also die because of accidents every day.

Libya has the Highest Number of Accidents:

Road Fatalities

According to the statistics, Libya has the most number of road fatalities, and the rate of accidents is sky high because of the increased number of vehicles on the road. Libya is on top of the list in countries with most traffic fatalities as it has 73.4 road fatalities per 100,000 individuals in the country every year. The number is way too high as the second on the list has about half as many deaths as Libya.

Reasons behind Crashes:

The number is too high in Libya because of many reasons. First of all, the safety rules are not properly implemented out here. So the drivers don’t often wear seat belts. Adding to that they drive recklessly, causing problems for themselves and the other people on the road. Pedestrians are often killed and injured over here because the people don’t follow zebra crossing. The people don’t usually pay any heed to the maintenance of their vehicles. Accidents happen because the brakes fail or the tires burst.

Thailand has Second Most Accidents In The World:

The second on the list of countries with the most traffic and road fatalities in Thailand with 36.2 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants every year. The annual death rate is 24,000 deaths per year, and about 66 people die in Thailand every day because of this issue.

Reasons behind the High Number of Collisions:

The increased urbanization in the country has resulted in an increasing population. So there are even more vehicles. With more number of wheels on the roads, the system needs to be adequately maintained to prevent accidents. But in Thailand, the large number of accidents happen because of the poorly managed system of road safety in Thailand.

In many developed nations, it is important for cyclists and the bikers to wear helmets and reflective jackets. But out here the cyclists and bikers are most vulnerable because they don’t follow the rules of traffic. As a result, they end up being severely injured. Drunk driving is also one of the primary reasons for road fatalities over here. This is because drunk driving has got pretty common here. The rich people pay off the authorities and get rid of the consequences.

Countries with Most traffic Fatalities:

stats about road fatalities per country

Following is the list of top 30 nations where most road fatalities happen:

Country Road fatalities
per 100,000
per year
Total fatalities
latest year
figures by WHO report
Libya 73.4 4,554
 Thailand 36.2 24,237
 Malawi 35.0 5,732
 Liberia 33.7 1,448
 The Democratic Republic of the Congo 33.2 22,419
 Tanzania 32.9 16,211
 The central African Republic 32.4 1,495
 Iran 32.1 24,896
 Rwanda 32.1 3,782
 Mozambique 31.6 8,173
 São Tomé and Príncipe 31.1 60
 Togo 31.1 2,123
 Burkina Faso 30.0 5,072
 The Gambia 29.4 544
 Dominican Republic 29.3 3,052
 Kenya 29.1 12,891
 Madagascar 28.4 6,506
 Lesotho 28.2 584
 Zimbabwe 28.2 3,985
 Benin 27.7 2,855
 Cameroon 27.6 6,136
 Guinea-Bissau 27.5 468
 Saudi Arabia 27.4 7,898
 Uganda 27.4 10,280
 Guinea 27.3 3,211
 Sierra Leone 27.3 1,661
 Senegal 27.2 3,844
 Angola 26.9 5,769
 Africa 26.6 246,719
 Congo 26.4 1,174

Reasons For Increased Traffic Fatalities

There is a reason why the accidents are so common in some regions, and that has a lot to do with the traffic rules and regulations. Down below are some reasons for increased Traffic Fatalities:

Over Speeding

Road Fatalities

Over Speeding is one of the major causes of accidents these days. The young ones often push the paddle harder when they are behind the wheels, and that is fatal for them and also for others on the road.


Sometimes drivers have to drive for long hours, and they get restless. As a result, they are less attentive, and because of that, many accidents happen as they can’t concentrate on the road.


Speaking of distractions, mobile phones are a primary distraction, and many accidents happen every day because the drivers are looking at their screens and they can’t concentrate much on the road. In many countries, it is a violation to use a cell phone while driving and imposed with hefty fines for violating the rules.

Drunk Driving

Stats About Road Fatalities

Drunk driving is also a problem in many countries as drivers are high and they can’t concentrate on the road. Many accidents happen when the drivers are drunk as they lose their focus. In most of the countries, it is illegal to drink and drive because one loses control of his/herself.


Rainfalls are known to be one of the significant reasons for accidents. That is because if the weather gets bad, the roads become slippery. Many fatal incidents happen during rain as the roads get slippery and dangerous especially at sharp turns. So the vehicle slips when the brakes are applied. So it is advised that the driver stays extra careful while driving.


It is quite challenging to drive in fog. This is because the visibility is quite low during fog. Most of the accidents happen because the driver cannot see the vehicle up front. The best way to prevent an incident during fog is to turn on the headlights and hazard lights so that the other drivers can also see your vehicle.

Facts About Road Fatalities:

If we look at the global road traffic injuries, approximately 1.25 deaths are caused by traffic accidents, and most numbers of fatalities are from age 15 to 25. In these fatalities, 3 out of 4 people who die are men. The countries that are underdeveloped and have a low income are found out to have the most number of road fatalities.

According to the studies of the World Health Organization, 49% of the deaths are of cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. Of these 49 percent, 22% are pedestrians, 23% are cyclists, and 4% are cyclists. Pedestrians are often affected by accidents because they are most vulnerable on the roads.

Chance of Dying in A Crash By Continent:

Stats About Road Fatalities

Down below is a statistical table showing the chance of dying in a crash depending on the continent. Africa is on top of the list with a figure

Sr. No. Continent Chance of Dying In Traffic Crash
1 Africa 26.6
2 Eastern Mediterranean 19.9
3 Western Pacific 17.5
4 South East Asia 17.0
5 Americas 15.9
6 Europe 9.3

Problems in Low/Middle-Income Countries:

In countries with low or middle income, there are less than half of the vehicles in the world. But still, these countries account for even more road fatalities than other developed nations. The significant factors that contribute to this alarming number of incidents are the significant safety concerns in other countries. First of all, the roads in these countries are not adequately maintained. Secondly, road safety laws are not adequately applied due to the lack of resources. Another thing that matters the most is that the medical assistance is not readily available.

Facts about developed countries:

On the other hands, the developed countries have imposed proper rules and regulations to prevent the road fatalities. Adding to that their vehicles are equipped with appropriate safety gear to avoid significant damages from the crash. The roads are adequately maintained. They also have developed an adequate system of public transport so that there is less congestion. So that is the reason why there are quite fewer accidents in high-income countries.

Public Transport in the Low and Middle-Income countries:

Some of the low and middle-income countries also have developed a system of public transport. But they are even more fatal because the systems are not adequately maintained. In countries like Kenya and Nigeria, public transports are even dangerous than driving one’s transport. That is because the buses are overloaded. Adding to that the drivers sometimes exceed the speed limit. So the accidents are even more fatal.