Largest Museums According to Gallery Space

Art museums provide a platform for artists and creators to exhibit their art and sculptures. There are several art museums all across the world, and they offer space for artists where they can get to exhibit their creations. The museums organize many exhibitions and other events that promote arts and spread the culture of art. The students of arts and the enthusiasts in traditional and historical studies find these places much educating and enjoyable. The authorities make it possible for the public to explore, research and learn more about the history and the importance of traditions.

List of Largest Museums in The World

Largest Museums In the World

So down below is a list of largest museums in the world:

Rank Name City Country Gallery space in m2 Year established
1 Louvre Paris France 72,735 1792
2 State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg Russia 66,842 1764
3 National Museum of China Beijing China 65,000 1959
4 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York City United States 58,820 1870
5 Vatican Museums Vatican City
Vatican City (Rome)
43,000 1506
6 Tokyo National Museum Tokyo Japan 38,000 1872
7 National Museum of Anthropology Mexico City Mexico 33,000 1964
8 Victoria and Albert Museum London United Kingdom 30,000 1852
9 National Museum of Korea Seoul South Korea 27,090 1945
10 Art Institute of Chicago Chicago United States 26,000 1879
11 Nanjing Museum Nanjing China 26,000 1933
12 British Museum London United Kingdom 25,700 1753
13 National Gallery of Art Washington United States 25,200 1937
14 Cinquantenaire Museum Brussels Belgium 22,000 1835
15 Three Gorges Museum Chongqing China 20,858 2005
16 Museum of Fine Arts Boston United States 20,500 1870
17 Israel Museum Jerusalem Israel 18,500 1965
18 Minneapolis Institute of Art Minneapolis United States 17,500 1883
19 Arsenal (Biennale) Venice Italy 17,000 1895
20 Musée National d’Art Moderne Paris France 17,000 1947

Louvre: The Largest Museum in The World:

With an area of 782910 sq. ft, Louvre museum is the largest one in the world and is located in Paris, France. It is a part of Louvre Palace which was made in the 12th century. The building wasn’t a royal residence, instead, it was a fortress. It was opened with only 537 paintings, and now it has around 38,000 paintings and pieces. It is also quite popular as it receives the most amount of visitors, about 7.4 million people come and visit this museum every year.

large museums in the world

Portrait of the Marquise de Pompadour, painting of Mona Lisa, Winged Victory of Samothrace, Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss and the Seated Scribe are some of the major attractions of this place.

Stage Heritage Museum: The Second Largest

With an area of 719480 square feet, the State Hermitage Museum is the second largest museum in the world and is located in St. Petersburg in Russia. It was constructed and established back in 1754, and it was opened for public exhibition in the year 1852, which also makes it one of the oldest museums in the world. The largest painting collection of the world is located in it. Adding to that, the Stage Hermitage Museum has a collection of about 3 million pieces of profound art and creativity. Alongside the palace, there are six old buildings and the ones that are open for public include Hermitage Theatre, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage, and Winter Palace.

National Museum of China: The Third Largest Museum in The World:

With a total area of approximately 700,000 sq. ft., the National Museum of China is the third largest in the world. It is located alongside the Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The idea for the construction of it was to promote and propagate arts and history in China, and now the museum has around 1.05 million pieces of brilliant art in the permanent collection.

It also has the heaviest article of bronze ware in the world, known as Simuwu Ding which weighs 1836 pounds. There are a total of 28 exhibition hall in the four-story building constructed on 16 acres.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art: New York

Met is located in New York, US. It has more than 5000 years of art collected from all across the world. With brilliant infrastructure and a large variety of art, it provides a great experience to the visitors. It was founded back in 1870. It is one of the greatest attractions in New York and is known to be a treasury of beautiful and rare antiques. Exhibitions and events are held every day to promote art and present new ideas. The purpose of the establishment behind this museum was to promote fine arts and to teach the application of fine arts in our everyday life. The statement of purpose was regenerated on 13th January 2015. The new statement reads:

“The Metropolitan Museum of Art collects, studies, conserves and presents significant works of art across all times and cultures in order to connect people to creativity, knowledge, and ideas.”

Vatican Museums – Vatican City (Rome)

Based in Vatican City, Vatican Museums is basically Christian and art museums. These present some perfect pieces of art from the popes. It has some of the masterpieces of art and sculptures from different times in history. Vatican Museums has more than 70,000 pieces of art, and more than 20,000 are put on display to inspire and mesmerize people.

Vatican Museums was founded by Pope Julius in the 16th century. It is more than just a museum. It is an institute with about 40 departments including administrative, scholarly and restoration departments. A total of 640 people work here.

Tokyo National Museum: Tokyo (Japan)

Collecting some of the best pieces of art and antiques from Japan and some other Asian countries, Tokyo Museum is one of the largest ones in the world. A comprehensive collection is displayed for promoting and educating people about art and culture. Adding to that it also conducts research and investigation programs on the collection of books, photographs, rubbings, and other excellent art articles. Adding to that, the scholars are also provided with access to a wide variety of collections. The total staff consists of 349 people. They work in different departments including administrative, technical and security, specialist and curators/researchers.

Tokyo National Museum: Tokyo (Japan)

As per the facts and figures of the year 2017, this hub of art and history had more than 2.5 million visitors from all across the world. This museums also works as an institution to educate the people about the history and the traditional culture of Japan and some other Asian nations. Many lectures and workshops are arranged in cooperation with schools, colleges, and universities. It was established in 1872, and as of the latest statistics, it has more than 117,000 cultural properties.

During 2017, the timings were extended, and it kept open till 21:00 on Friday and Saturday. The other essential programs include hands-on programs, guided tours, and other workshops. The core administration is striving hard to make this place even more enjoyable and accessible to the public including children, adults, enthusiasts, and visitors from other nations.

National Museum of Anthropology: Mexico City (Mexico)

Located in Mexico, this museum is one of the largest ones. It has a repository of more than 600,000 pieces of arts related to Mexico. It has many old objects, and some of these are also from the pre-Hispanic period. Here you can find many archaeological and anthropological artifacts from an early age. It was founded in 1825. The Sun of Stone aka Aztec Calendar Stone is one of the major attraction out here.

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