Countries That have Hosted The FIFA World Cups 1930 – 2022

FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is an association that stands as an authority and an international governing body for football, futsal and beach soccer. The Federation manages and organizes international football tournaments known as FIFA World Cup after every four years. The first world cup was arranged back in 1930 and Uruguay was the host country.

The country that hosts the FIFA mega event has to do a lot of painstaking as they have to put in a lot of investments and have to make an adequate arrangement so that the event is organized and manages successfully. Adding to that, standard security arrangements have to be made to ensure the safety and smooth flow of the game.

Countries That Have Hosted FIFA World Cup:

FIFA World Cup

Following is the list of countries that have hosted FIFA World Cups from 1930 to 2018 and Qatar is also included in the list as it is selected to host the next world cup. The two events of 1938 and 1942 were both canceled due to the critical situation of World War II.

Among these countries France, Italy and Brazil are the countries that have hosted the FIFA World Cup more than once.

Rank Year Host Country Location
1 1930 Uruguay Montevideo
2 1934 Italy Rome
3 1938 France Paris
4 1942 World War II
5 1946 World War II
6 1950 Brazil Rio de Janeiro
7 1954 Switzerland Bern
8 1958 Sweden Solana
9 1962 Chile Santiago
10 1966 England London
11 1970 Mexico Mexico City
12 1974 West Germany Munich
13 1978 Argentina Buenos Aires
14 1982 Spain Madrid
15 1986 Mexico Mexico City
16 1990 Italy Rome
17 1994 United States California
18 1998 France Saint-Denis
19 2002 South Korea / Japan Yokohama
20 2006 Germany Berlin
21 2010 South Africa Johannesburg
22 2014 Brazil Rio de Janeiro
23 2018 Russia
24 2022 Qatar

2018 FIFA World Cup:

FIFA World Cup 2018 was held in Russia. It was started on 14th June 2018 and ended 15th July 2018. The opening ceremony was held in Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, and after that, the opening match of the tournament was held between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

FIFA World Cup

This was the most expensive world cup as compared to the previous world cups as it cost an approximate of 14.2 billion dollars. Iceland and Panama appeared in the ground for the first time. There were a total of 32 teams in the final, and the Russian team won the tournament.

France was the absolute winner in 2018. It took a lead of 2 -1 from Croatia. The team of France became the second one in the 32-team world cup to win all the knock out matches. Being the winner of the tournament, France also qualified for the 2021 FIFA Confederations Cup. The game was streamed and watched by a total of 1.2 billion people worldwide via television and other streaming devices.

There were a total of 8 groups in the mega event, and they are mentioned in the table below:

Group A

1 Uruguay
2 Russia
3 Saudi Arabia
4 Egypt

Group B

1 Spain
2 Portugal
3 Iran
4 Morocco

Group C

1 France
2 Denmark
3 Peru
4 Australia

Group D

1 Croatia
2 Nigeria
3 Argentina
4 Iceland

Group E

1 Brazil
2 Switzerland
3 Serbia
4 Costa Rica

Group F

1 Sweden
2 Mexico
3 Korea Republic
4 Germany

Group G

1 Belgium
2 England
3 Tunisia
4 Panama

Group H

1 Columbia
2 Japan
3 Senegal
4 Poland

The golden silver and bronze ball was awarded to Luka Modric, Eden Hazard, and Antoine Griezmann respectively. The golden boot was given to Harry Kaner, silver boot to Antoine Griezmann and Romelu Lukaku won the bronze boot. Adding to that the FIFA Fair play award was presented to Spain.

The final match of the tournament was held at the Luzhniki Stadium located in Moscow. The venue was confirmed for the final match back in 2012.

FIFA World Cup 2014:

countries that hosted fifa world cup

The world cup of the year 2014 was held in Brazil. The country is one of the developing nations. It got a chance to host the world cup in 2014. An investment of 11 billion US dollars was spent for the hosting of this tournament. As compared to the previous events, it was the most expensive one. People also opposed this action of Brazilian government stating that the money could be used for much better purposes. Adding to that, many homeless people were displaced for the construction and development of 14 stadiums.

Following are the groups of the tournament:

Group A

1 Brazil
2 Mexico
3 Croatia
4 Cameroon

Group B

1 Netherlands
2 Chile
3 Spain
4 Australia

Group C

1 Colombia
2 Greece
3 Ivory Coast
4 Japan

Group D

1 Costa Rica
2 Uruguay
3 Italy
4 England

Group E

1 France
2 Switzerland
3 Ecuador
4 Honduras

Group F

1 Argentina
2 Nigeria
3 Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 Iran

Group G

1 Germany
2 United States
3 Portugal
4 Ghana

Group H

1 Belgium
2 Algeria
3 Russia
4 South Korea

The golden ball award was given to Lionel Messi, Thomas Muller and Arjen Robben for their outstanding performances. The golden boot was awarded to James Rodriguez, Thomas Muller, and Neymar for their extraordinary play.

First Ever FIFA World Cup: FIFA World Cup 1930:

football in vintage

The first ever FIFA World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930, and it was the inaugural FIFA World Cup. The event was started on 13th July 1930 and was ended on 30th July 1930. Most of the matches were held at Estadio Centenario which is located in the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo and this stadium was primarily constructed for this tournament.

Following are the teams ordered group wise that participated in the tournament:

Group 1

1 Argentina
2 Chile
3 France
4 Mexico

Group 2

1 Yugoslavia
2 Brazil
3 Bolivia

Group 3

1 Uruguay
2 Romania
3 Peru

Group 4

1 United States
2 Paraguay
3 Belgium

The final match of FIFA World Cup was held between Argentina and Uruguay, and Uruguay won the final game by scoring four goals against Argentina that had two goals.

FIFA World Cup 2022:

The world cup of the year 2022 will be held in Qatar. The tournament is expected to start on 21st November 2022. The final will be held on 180th December. It is expected that more than 16 teams from different countries will come for the event. It will last for 28 days.

In these days the temperature is expected to be cooler than the usual days. The authority stated that the average temperature would be around 18 to 24 degree Celsius.

Prohibition of Drinking:

AS alcohol is not a part of Qatar’s culture, so the SC reported to BBC that the consumption of alcohol is banned over here. Alcohol will be available in the hotels where the guests are staying. Adding to that, the sale of alcoholic beverages will only be held at specific places.

Location of the Tournament:

Khalifa Stadium is a massive ground for the games. It has a seating capacity of more than 40,000 people. It is situated at a distance of 8 miles from Doha. The stadium is reconstructed for the world cup and will also host World Athletics Championship.

The Cost of FIFA 2022:

The organizers of the event stated that a total budget of $6.5 billion would be spent on the stadium and the training sites. Many questions were raised regarding the treatment of migrant workers that will work on building the complete infrastructure. The head of Amnesty International, Allan Hogarth stated that they have been pressing the authorities to clear up their act on the exploitation of the rights of migrant workers. She said that they were promised some reforms, but they have been progressing at a very slow pace. They are afraid that the workers will keep facing the poor living and working conditions till the world cup.

On the other hand, the organizers of the FIFA 2022 Mega event, stated that the wellbeing of the workers on the field is the highest priority. They do care about the 30,000 workers working over there.

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