Homeless man celebrates his dogs’ birthdays with a heartwarming party

Many pet owners want to do everything in their power to give their furry friends the best possible life. They’re part of the family and should be treated as such.

Some people even go above and beyond by providing their pets with birthday celebrations, like you’d do for a child.

A man in Bucaramanga, Colombia may not have much for himself, but he gives all that he does have to his two dogs, Shaggy and Nina.

When Shaggy’s birthday rolled around, the man, Choco, was caught on camera throwing a little birthday celebration for the pups!

They may have been homeless, but Choco wouldn’t let them go without a celebration.

In the video captured by an onlooker, Choco can be seen pulling out a cake and placing candles on top of it. Then, he pulls out some birthday hats and places them on the dogs’ heads. It quickly becomes clear that it’s a little birthday party, and it’s so sweet!

The dogs and Choco shared some cake after and enjoyed their special occasion together:

According to The Dodo, the person who filmed the video approached Choco to hear his story and maybe offer him some help. As it turns out, Choco had been living on the streets with his two dogs for a few years after escaping an abusive home.

All he wants is to provide a great life for his furry friends, so he gives them all that he has. It may not be much, but it’s enough for them.

Since sharing the video on social media, many people have been wanting to help Choco and follow along on his journey. He started an Instagram page so you can keep up with him and his pups, @joseluis.matos.7906.

In a matter of days, Choco and his dogs gained over 100,000 followers, and he’s accepting donations through PayPal: juansebaez91@gmail.com. Hopefully things will start to turn around for him and his fur babies!

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