People of Which Country Consume the Most Tea

tea consuming countries

Tea is one of the famous beverages in the world. In some countries, it is so much important that people don’t leave their houses without having a cuppa. Having a small quantity of nicotine in it, this beverage refreshes you and gives you a kickstart. Check out the countries that consume the most amount of these leaves in the world.

Countries that Consume Most Tea

Countries with most Consumption:

Listed below are the top 10 countries where the tea consumption is way more than usual:

Sr. No. Country Name Consumption (per capita)
1 Turkey 6.96 lbs.
2 Ireland 4.83 lbs.
3 United Kingdom 4.28 lbs.
4 Russia 3.05 lbs.
5 Monaco 2.68 lbs.
6 New Zealand 2.63 lbs.
7 Egypt 2.23 lbs.
9 Poland 2.2 lbs.
10 Japan 2.12 lbs.
11 Saudi Arabia 1.98 lbs.
12 South Africa 1.79 lbs.
13 Netherlands 1.72 lbs.
14 Australia 1.65 lbs.
15 Chile 1.61 lbs.
16 UAE 1.59 lbs.
17 Germany 1.52 lbs.
18 Hong Kong 1.43 lbs.
19 Ukraine 1.28 lbs.
20 China 1.25 lbs.

Turkey: The largest Consumer:

As per the facts and figures of the year 2016, Turkey is the country that consumes the most ‘Tea’ in the world. The annual consumption is around 6.96 pounds per capita. Turks start their day with a cup, and throughout their day, they consume several cups to give themselves a boost. Starting from the morning, the routine of drinking this refreshing beverage continues till the bedtime.

Turkish people used to consume a large amount of coffee in the past, but when the economic crisis hit the country in 1977, the import of coffee was stopped. As the country itself is a producer, so the coffee paid off in stabilizing the economy as it was off the list of imports. So the nation instantly switched towards tea, and now it’s on the top of the list in consumption.

Ireland: Second Largest Consumer

People of Which Country Consume the Most Tea

Ireland is the second largest consumer of this perfect and refreshing beverage. Although Turks consume more tea than Irish does, but still Ireland annually consumes about 4.83 pounds per capita per year. Irish is one of the heaviest consumers. An average person drinks about 5 to 6 six cups per day. If you ever get a chance to visit an Irish household, you will notice that you’ll be offered a ‘cuppa’. As soon as you’re finished with one, you’ll be offered with more.

Among the other countries in the European region, Ireland is the nation that gets most of its caffeine from a cup. It is also known to be the European Champion of Tea.

The United Kingdom and It’s Love for Tea

Although the United Kingdom wasn’t on the top 10 coffee consuming nation, it sure is third on the list in consumption of tea because of its love for this beverage. Annually, 4.24 ponds are consumed per capita in the UK. Brits love it; in fact, they drink it at every possible event or occasion.

The beverage is brewed with perfection in the UK. They pour boiling water on the tea leaves which extracts the oil properly from the leaves. Adding to that, they don’t use sterilized milk; rather they use fresh milk. This delicacy leads to crafting a refreshing beverage.

Russians Score the 4th Rank in Consumption of Tea:

tea consuming countries

As of the recent statistics, Russia is the fourth country on the list to the consumer the most amount of tea. The per capita intake of this beverage is about 3.05 kilograms.

Ancient Traditions of Samovar

Samovar was used in the 1700s by the nation to boiling water for making chai. Russians used a giant stove to keep their houses heated, and as there was no fire elsewhere, Samovar was the only effective way to boil water.

But now, kettles are widely used for warming up the water. Although you might find a samovar at some household, it’s not that common now. Black-tea is most popular in the country, and some people also use lemons or fruit preserves to add on to the taste.

For Russians, drinking tea is the most warming and comfortable part of the day. The tea itself has many benefits. It helps digestion by speeding the metabolism. Adding to that has anti-oxidants that freshen up the mind. Caffeine is another major element in the beverage.

Largest Producers in The World

Largest Producers in The World

In a world where the major consumers like UK, Ireland and Turkey consume massive amounts, there must be some suppliers to meet the demands and make both ends meet. Down below is a list showing the countries that produce and export the most amount of tea to other countries:

Sr. No. Country Name Export (million US Dollars)
1 China 1485.02
2 Sri Lanka 1251.73
3 India 661.72
4 Germany 232.73
5 Poland 194.41
6 United Kingdom 134.82
7 United States 127.97
8 United Arab Emirates 117.57
9 Indonesia 113.11
10 Japan 108.92

Here China, Sri Lanka and India are the largest producers and exporters.

China: The Largest Exporter and Harvester:

China comes first on the list as the country produces and exports more tea than any other country in the world. As per recent China exported 1485.02 million US dollar worth of tea to many countries in the world. Every year, it is harvested about 6 to 7 times the Chinese region. The reason behind the massive production is that it is the third largest country on this planet so there is a lot of room for plantation and cultivation.