Countries That Are Dependent On Agriculture and Natural Food

Countries that depends on Agriculture

Agriculture plays a significant role in the economy of a country. Agriculture is essential for the survival of human beings, and that is because it provides us with some essential products and further on some important bi-products are made from these. It basically includes the cultivation of plants, breeding and taking care of livestock, and … Read more

People of Which Country Consume the Most Tea

tea consuming countries

Tea is one of the famous beverages in the world. In some countries, it is so much important that people don’t leave their houses without having a cuppa. Having a small quantity of nicotine in it, this beverage refreshes you and gives you a kickstart. Check out the countries that consume the most amount of … Read more

Countries That Consume Most Coffee Per Capita Per Year

coffee consuming countries

Coffee is one of the most favourite beverages in the world. In the United States, there are many cafés like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. But the US isn’t one of the countries that consume the most in the world. It comes 26th rank in the nations with most consumption. Finland leads the world in the … Read more