A loyal service dog, who helped his owner graduate, receives an honorary degree as a good boy

“”Griffin” Hawley, the Golden Retriever service dog, receives a congrats embrace from his owner Brittany Hawley after receiving an honorary diploma from Clarkson on Saturday, December 15, 2018, during the Clarkson University “December Recognition Ceremony” in Potsdam, N.Y. Brittany Hawley, Griffin’s owner, also has a doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy. Both students attended all of … Read more

Thoose 2 Girls Cried Tears For A Dog at The Kill Shelter & Not Aware That Mom Adopted The Same Dog

Two sisters saw an online advertisement for a dog named Rosie and wanted to adopt her immediately. Rosie was located in a kill shelter in Georgia, which was a considerable distance from where the girls resided. Even if Rosie were available for adoption, the distance prevented the sisters from taking action. Source/Image Screenshot Credit: TheDodo … Read more

The last odyssey of an abandoned, paralyzed dog.

Some people love their pets unconditionally for better or worse, while some people adopt these animals just to entertain when they’re still strong and helpful and then dump them ruthlessly when they grow old and get weak. These cold-hearted people are unbelievable, but sadly they still exist everywhere in this world. The German shepherd in … Read more