About Us

At countriestoday.com we provide you information related to general knowledge, important facts, and authentic figures about different countries in the world. In this era, everyone uses the internet to get the answers to their questions. Whenever something comes up, we google it instantly and to get the answer. But there’s always a factor of ambiguity regarding the authenticity of the facts and figures provided. There are several sources that provide statistics and not all of them are reliable. So the platform was crafted to provide the most reliable content to our visitors.


The data about different facts and figures is already available on the internet. But sometimes the data is presented in such a way that it fails to convey the message. So we focus on taking the raw statistics and presenting it along with reasoning and arguments. We focus on the peculiar facts and figures about different countries across the globe. This includes the comparison between different countries, top 10’s, exports, imports and several other facts and figures.

Our Team

We have a team of highly skilled content composers having a healthy experience in the fields of research and analysis. They compose the content in such a way that the information is much more reliable and fun to read.

CEO and Founder: Muhammad Nauman Khan Niazi
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This Site is Owned and Operated by Muhammad Nauman


Facts and figures are often a dry read, but we craft the content in such a manner that it conveys all the useful information and is intuitive at the same time. Graphical representation of data is always essential. With that in mind we produce tables, graphs and charts to make the content much easier to absorb.

Our Sources:

All the information available on our website is reliable as it is obtained from the most authentic sources. World Health Organization, World Bank, Statista, CIA and FIA are the most relied sources here. All the data presented on our website can be rechecked from the trusted sites.

Why Us

We collect the scattered pieces of information available on the World Wide Web and put them in a single composition. That way our viewers don’t have to scratch their heads and do intense research. Instead our beloved team does that for you.
We have our roots in the industry since 2000 and have worked on several projects before. This is one of our favorite projects as it helps the audience in one way or another. Viewer satisfaction is the primary goal of the organization.